It's easy to hide your friends list from the public on Facebook. You can hide posts from specific friends with the CUSTOM setting on Facebook. You can use the Advance Facebook Privacy settings to modify your friend lists visibility based on your choice. It is very easy. Help Community. This wikiHow teaches you how to prevent other people from viewing your friends list Log In. Help Community. How to Hide Your Facebook Friends ... Close Friends, Family and any other ... you can choose to display only a subset of your friends and hide the rest. Want to hide your friends list from one another on Facebook? It is important to hide your facebook friends for security purpose. First, click on your name at the top to view your profile. Blank is now friends with Blank; turn it off and share our instructions with your friends. Back To Help Center. Help Community. Turn off Facebook New Friend Reports: stop spamming your friends. READ ALSO: How to view who sees your Facebook profile. ... To Hide Your Friend List On Your Facebook ... from their other friends. Visit to read more about how to hide friends on Facebook. Still, this is how you do it because I'm asked about it so much. Help Community. Learn how to hide friends list from others on Facebook.Here i am giving you detailed guide on how to hide facebook friends list from others Protect the identities of people on your Facebook Friends list with a privacy setting that controls who can be seen on your Facebook page. Hide One Friend From Another on Facebook. It will show you the box where you can type in the name of your friends with whom you want to share the Facebook friend list. Facebook notifies others about my new ... facebook notifying your friends of your ... just became friends with. ... How are people able to hide their mutual friends on Facebook? How to hide your Facebook friends lists from other friends and people. how can i hide friends from other friends. How do I have myself invisible on other people's friend lists? How do you hide friends on Facebook? You might be thinking why it is necessary to Hide My Facebook Friends from everyone and what if I don't do. How are people able to hide their mutual friends on Facebook? How to Hide Friends on Facebook. How do you hide friends on Facebook? Here is How To Hide Facebook Friends List from Other Friends. Hide Friends on Facebook to Avoid Seeing ... you to "hide" Facebook friends or ... send that are getting a lot of response from other friends. A tutorial on how to hide your Facebook friend list so that no one can see your Facebook friends. It is very Easy to Hide friends list on facebook from others, friends and public. First, click on your name at the top to view your profile. Log In. This post explains how to do it. Enjoy! Instructions on how to hide your friend list on Facebook. Updated 2017 with new screenshots. Visit to read more about how to hide friends on Facebook. What exactly are you trying to hide? Easy Guide "How to Hide Facebook Status From Certain Friends" Facebook have very Cool Feature that It can Hide Facebook Status from Certain Friends. Follow the steps described below to get the job done i.e. Easy tutorial on how to Hide Facebook Friends List so that no one would know who all are your Facebook friends. Dumb? Is it possible to hide certain friends from other friends on Facebook? Curious of tricks to hide one friend from another? Aninco . How to Hide Friends (list) on Facebook so others can't see your Friends' list. July 4, 2012 at 11:58 am Probably. Maybe they are trying to give security to family members or friends so that no other Facebook ... hide Facebook friends ... hide your mutual friends on Facebook. how to hide certain friend from other friends from same profile or friend list on facebook. After the above step, click on Save Changes. This will let you hide friends list from certain people on Facebook. Hide Friends from Each Other on Facebook.